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My projects - resources

Studying, researching and questioning what the science says and my patients present is my labour of love. Here are just some projects that I've worked on and which have subsequently became a source of motivation, inspiration, discussion and for my future research.  



Dr Tim Raynolds, co-author of 'Movers & Mentors' zoomed Lori Forner, Julie Wiebe, Dr Sandy Hilton and me across our three continents to discuss how passion for science in our profession influenced the way we grew (and are still growing), how twist and turns created opportunities and how we see future in pelvic health physiotherapy. I hope the podcast inspires the listerners and moves their ideas forwards. 

This was the first collaborative podcast between The Pelvic Obstetrics and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (the POGP) and The Pelvic Health Podcast (Lori Forner).


In this interview Dr Gabbett and I discussed the complexity of sports performance, coaching, rehabilitation and prevention in general. However, is it possible to apply load management principles pelvic health rehabilitation / training? If interested, read on page 91 here (open access!): 

Running Tracks
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